Sealing the Deal With Hot Fill Containers

hot filled container

Hot fill technology has been standard practice across many forms of liquid and semi-liquid food products since the 1980’s. This is largely due to the improved product quality, shelf-life extension and cost effectiveness benefits of the process.

Recyclable Flexible Packaging Trials Successful for Selig Flexibles

Selig collaborates with customers to provide them with new solutions for recyclable flexible packaging, with a clear emphasis on reducing plastic packaging waste. Currently, businesses throughout Europe are trialing the company’s 84% recyclable flexible plastic packaging option.

Selig Group Announces the Acquisition of MGJ

Selig Group, owned by CC Industries (“CCI”), announced today that it has acquired Manufacture Générale de Joints (“MGJ”). Founded in 1947 and headquartered near Lyon, France, MGJ is a leading supplier of foam-based liners worldwide.

The Plastic Packaging Tax: Will We Be Ready

The UK Government published its policy paper on the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax in November. The tax aims to provide economic incentive to businesses to use recycled materials in the production of their plastics packaging.

Overcoming Pack Challenges for eCommerce Supply Chain

With increased demand for convenience, fragmentation of the supply chain and increased calls for sustainability, e-commerce packaging materials are having to meet higher performance criteria. Here Darren Dodd, Sales and Marketing Director at Selig, a provider of induction heat seals, discusses the packaging challenges for producers to overcome.